Hello and welcome to My Name is Kyle Wilson, I’m A human First A creative second and a Geordie third. is my blog.

I am in my mid Twenties. I was Born and Raised in a town in Northumberland called Ashington in the north east of England. I have A palsied Cerebellum (Cerebral Palsy, nicked that term from the Wonderfully Wobbly francesca Martinez) which resulted me attending a special needs School in Newcastle. When I finished School I went on to study at a college In Coventry where I now live when I’m not studying, with my cat Vinney and my assortment of live –in Carers.

I am a music enthusiast, I grew up influenced mainly by my Dads taste In music which was Heavy Metal. The Band KoRn are a massive influence on me, they are the reason I produce music and write Poetry. I like Slipknot and some other metal bands, However in the past few years I have really been enjoying Conscious Hip Hop, The likes Of Akala and Lowkey and Aspirit from the U.K and DISL Automatic and the whole Get Big Collective, as Well as Alais Clay  and of course Immortal technique from the U.S

As I mentioned before I produce music, whether I’m any good at it really depends on your Opinion, I argue with myself about this a lot. I think I’m more of a sound designer than anything. I can’t play any instruments but at the same time I can make a wide range of sounds thanks to technology. In terms of musical achievement I’m most proud of being featured on the front page of and being played on Mark Devlins’ ‘Sound Of Freedom’ . You can here my Music on Soundcloud here . I also Write poetry, the themes of my poetry swing from politics to disability. I was recently diagnosed with Pure – O (a Form of O.C.D) so that’s currently at the forefront of my poetry. You can read my Poetry here  and listen to some of it here 

I have been writing blogs for about 5 years. In the past I have written articles on politics and various theories. Whether I will continue to write on those subjects all depends on how I feel but I don’t for see being used for “heavy politics” by that I mean I will inevitably discuss politics just not on a complex scale, for example I observe the misinformed nature of societies so I will comment on that. I see the purpose of,  just to be honest and Humorous, I will discuss my life, my feelings, my music and how I see things.


I feel that its only Proper to mention that the Awesome graphic designer that design the graphics for this page, past away recently and Stuart Hatton Was an awesome dude who I will miss greatly, stuart volunteered for the charity Action Duchenne. If you can,  please Donate to this Great charity here

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