Hello and welcome to My Name is Kyle Wilson, I’m A human First A creative second and a Geordie third. is my blog.

I am in my mid Twenties. I was Born and Raised in a town in Northumberland called Ashington in the north east of England. I have Cerebral Palsy,  which resulted in me attending a special needs School in Newcastle. When I finished School I went on to study at a college In Coventry where I now live with my cat Vinney and my assortment of live –in Carers.

I am a music enthusiast, I grew up influenced mainly by my Dads taste In music which was Heavy Metal. The Band KoRn are a massive influence on me, they are the reason I produce music and write Poetry. My music taste is very diverse and i appreciate most genre’s i’m much less of a music snob than i used to be.  

As I mentioned before I produce music, I have been making music ever since the technology has allowed me to do so, the music I create tends to be pretty dark, I grew up listening to heavy metal with Korn being my absolute idols and I think I get a lot of my inspiration and general creepiness from them. I also love hip hop sometimes you can hear that in what I do. Most of my work is instrumental so it is important for me to keep the listener engage, which is often a challenge, the goal is to always make the listener feel what I’m feeling or at least feel something. You can get my music on all the major music service including Apple Music and Spotify as well as free sites, such as Youtube and Soundcloud

  I also Write poetry, which i will post on this blog. The Majority of my poetry is Autobiographical, so i write a lot about my experience with depression  and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and of course my physical disability. You can find my Poetry all over the internet by searching “Munkyle The Poetry Machine” my Poetry is on YouTubeSoundCloud, Tumblr and i have A Facebook Fan Page. 

So Welcome to I hope you enjoy whatever it is i decide to post, don’t be shy, tweet me @munkyle, leave comments on here and do whatever you like – this is the internet after all!


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