Monthly Archives: August 2017

Replace The Broken (Poem)

It must be so nice, to just hit erase, to just replace the broken,

I don’t matter to you, I never really did, love is a word to you.

I don’t care any longer, I’m done protecting you, you are not an angel.

I doubt you even deserve to be happy, for the shit you’ve done to me.


I hope you one day, really feel, the brokenness inside of me.

I hope you fall in love with him, I hope you Idolize him, I hope you worship him.

I hope he tells you, to plan a future with him, I hope you do,

I hope he tells you he loves you, I hope you believe him.

I hope he plays you, hope he takes all of you, then leaves you,

Hope he feeds you more lies, tells you, the both of you can be close,

Then I hope he questions your mental state, laughs at your broken heart,

Hope he ignores your existence, leaves you a fool from the start.


I guess I’m showing my true colours, now you’ve shown me yours.

I guess I’m Vengeful, want to see you fall as I rise.

Thank you though, your making me realise,

I don’t want a bitch, I want something real,

something that feels. Something that’s real,

something nothing like the person you’ve became to me!

Just So You Know (Poem)

Just so you know, what I’m about to say, I don’t expect to change anything.

I love you, like you don’t know, I miss you, I cant seem to let you go.

No BS I would die for you, I’d give my life for you, no doubt and you know.

You could murder my relatives, spit in my face and leave without a trace.

I’d still love You A, just so you know, my life feels empty without you.


I don’t care how pointless all of this is,

I love you and I will never stop, I don’t want to.

This wedding is messing with me, I should have been talking about you.

Now I’m going to be there sitting awkwardly wishing I’d disappear.

Not being happy and seeing my future, our future in those feelings.

This is going to hurt like hell, without you, I cant love myself.


Just so you know, I’m still alive, if merely being, counts.

I’m a spec of who you made me, that guy does not resemble me.

This doesn’t feel like living, just barely surviving,

Just so you know, I love you