Monthly Archives: January 2018

Basic Need (Poem)

 Sure you can rhyme fine, but are you feeling what you’re saying?

Are you meaning what you are feeling, do you write what you’re perceiving? Or are you deceiving?

With me, my head fills up, my insides fall out.

I write what I bleed, I bleed when I write,

this was never just a hobby for me, this is a basic need.


Writing feelings, which I could never really speak,

Was not and is not, just something I got good at.

It has become, the only way I have control,

It has become, my right hand and both my legs.


I unlock myself, with my key, with my mind.

On paper I feel free, through my words, do you feel me?

My best actions, seem to be with words, I mix and match them.

If this existence, is as lonely as it feels, at least I have this.

I’m Still Heartbroken (Poem)


I’m still heartbroken, I still want, what doesn’t want me.

I tell myself not to write about you, not how I love everything about you.

Like suppressing, is strong or something, like if I don’t mention you,

I’ll stop thinking about you and eventually I’ll forget about losing you.


I’m still heartbroken, despite my immediate problems

I think its changed me, like I’ve seen what life should be and what it cant be.

I can’t help but feel, if you stayed, none of this would of happened, it could have been perfect. By now we all know, you didn’t think I was worth it.


I’m still heartbroken, I guess I’ll just have to be ok.

I see your doing fine, not being mine, it certainly didn’t take you much time.

To fill the space, you said was mine, I tell myself not to write about you,

Cause they’re bored of you, they’re bored of me, they’re bored of us.

I’m not yet over us, I don’t know if I ever will be.

I don’t know if I will ever be capable of trust again.

I’m so terrified of falling in love with anyone ever again.  

Dorothy Dorothy, You Could Be Anybody


I’m So full of anger, I’m about to burst!

I need to write some verses, before my headache worsens.

Sincerely, Fuck you, fuck everything about you!

How dare you shame and manipulate me,

You cant even afford to pay your employees, bitch fuck off!


I’m not perfect, but at least I’m nothing like you,

I have a history of honesty, and honestly you’re disgusting.

Oh lets talk legality and regulations shall we?

Tell me, which loop whole allows for slave labour.

3 official breaks given in 2 months, no wonder you can’t employ anyone!

Deflect the blame on me, but you offered £650 for this job

Then told man, it was £510, but my living conditions were the issues, Fuck You!


I hate to admit my vulnerability, but I am vulnerable.

You knew that, you used that, this gave you power, then you abused that.

I want so bad to name and shame you, Dorothy Dorothy you could be anybody!

I have the bitterest taste in my mouth, I didn’t deserve any of this, I’m a good person!

Now I have to do all of this again, with zero faith in this broken system.

Where snakes and liars, get top dollar, and pit client and carer against one another.

If it was up to me, I’d cut you all out, I’d pay the deserving work horse.

I’d scrap the slap in the face, the jobsworths and the Fake as Fuck plastic whores!