3AM Thoughts (Poem)


Sitting here, talking with my 3AM thoughts.

Reviewing my reoccurring themes, rhymes come easy,

when thoughts spawn rapidly, I’m dead inside, I try to run and hide.

I could have been, so much more than this, now I don’t even want to try.


I’m terrified by my one true desire, to be loved,

I doubt I’ll ever believe it, if ever I do receive it.

I’m still burning, from the last time, by the only one,

How can she move on so fast, its simple, she was never even here.

How do I move on, when I have all of this, on constant repeat?


Trust me, I get how pathetic I am,

Don’t dare say, I’m not trying.

You try living a life, where the only thing,

you look forward to, is dying .

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