A Picture Paints a Thousands Words (Poems)

I was waiting, for this to happen,

Log on to Facebook, to find a paralysing memory,

That photo, that one, the one where I got you back.

The caption, a picture paints a thousand words, Yes it does.

I thought, I would be ready, I thought this wouldn’t hurt me


I remember that day vividly, how cocky, the happiness made me,

When I saw you for the first time in years, You were beautiful, you are beautiful!

It was actually amazing, to feel that, to feel excited about existing in your world.

I would have done anything, to make it work, the tattoo of a giraffe, that gesture,

That song, that proposal, just for you, I wasn’t who I was before, I was yours, For sure


That photo, is just the beginning, there’ll be more.

Instead of in my head, kind of fuzzy, they’ll be on my screen in 1080!

I could just log off I could just deactivate, or I could actually decide to feel.

Feel that love burning me, feel the hurt feel the soar, feel it all.

I want to be done running, I want to feel, in order to one day live again.


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