Are You Listening (Poem)


I’ll write wherever these, feelings lead me.

I’m tired of my tiresome verses and sounds.

Is anyone out there? Do they really care, Do I?

I can’t seem to, get my head around, these beats these, bits of songs.

I’m struggling, to really see a point in these notes, is it all gone?


Are you listening, Does it matter?

Make it darker, make the beat harder, another non starter?

Pour weeks into this weak mix of sounds, your dead now.

Stammer those words, failure, you let down, you spastic.

Bite those words, not your wrist, this is you now, fucking fantastic.


Raise the volume, block out your voice.

Stay in, lets not, go out, the world shut it out.

The only thing, you have, is now as dead as you.

As good as they say you are, will never be enough for you  

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