Chasing Distraction (Poem)


I’m chasing distraction, I’m hiding from reality.

Avoiding my inside, faking on the outside.

That I’m ok, that I believe, that there is something more for me.

I don’t want to live to be a failure but I don’t want to die a wasted life.


Block me off, numb me out, give me my medicine, I’ve hit the wall!

Is there more to me, or is this it, the anxious broken mind doomed to fall!

Give me some of anything to qwell this thirsty ache, I’m ready to break.

I’m so loved by all, yet I feel so little of it. I need someone, please let me out!


This isn’t just hurt, this is mental and emotional decay.

It gets in, it cuts deep, it lays to rest then pulls me back in, can I never win?

It shows me, the things I will never have, it tells me that it is ALL I have.

Is it telling the truth, is it all a distortion, is this really all I am?

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