Dignity Is For The Living (Poem)

I don’t want anyone but you, isn’t that selfish.

I am giving up on life, I’m so childish.

I don’t want to fucking try, you still wont tell me why.

It isn’t nice, living life, constantly wanting to die.

I’ve crashed so hard, because you lifted me so high.


I don’t want to be rational, I’m not being responsible.

I am nothing, nothing but a bag of poems and a bottle of songs.

With all these fucked up feelings and this head of scars.

You made me feel, like something, now to you I’m nothing!

Are you bored yet? Are you done now, I’m done now.


You’ve left me a corpse, you became a ghost.

Dignity is for the living, I’m just a suicide without the action.

Am I pretty yet? We could have been anything, I don’t want to be anything.

I’ve gone past emotions, I’m just a ghost, no love, no will, becoming cold, becoming still.

If I die here would you die with me and just forget the hurt

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