Dorothy Dorothy, You Could Be Anybody


I’m So full of anger, I’m about to burst!

I need to write some verses, before my headache worsens.

Sincerely, Fuck you, fuck everything about you!

How dare you shame and manipulate me,

You cant even afford to pay your employees, bitch fuck off!


I’m not perfect, but at least I’m nothing like you,

I have a history of honesty, and honestly you’re disgusting.

Oh lets talk legality and regulations shall we?

Tell me, which loop whole allows for slave labour.

3 official breaks given in 2 months, no wonder you can’t employ anyone!

Deflect the blame on me, but you offered £650 for this job

Then told man, it was £510, but my living conditions were the issues, Fuck You!


I hate to admit my vulnerability, but I am vulnerable.

You knew that, you used that, this gave you power, then you abused that.

I want so bad to name and shame you, Dorothy Dorothy you could be anybody!

I have the bitterest taste in my mouth, I didn’t deserve any of this, I’m a good person!

Now I have to do all of this again, with zero faith in this broken system.

Where snakes and liars, get top dollar, and pit client and carer against one another.

If it was up to me, I’d cut you all out, I’d pay the deserving work horse.

I’d scrap the slap in the face, the jobsworths and the Fake as Fuck plastic whores!

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