Down Down Down Up Down (Poem)

Fuck writing a poem, lets write a book,

I’m on an up swing, I want to make an album, dude I’ll even sing.

In this mood, I feel like, I could do anything, thoughts are blistering.

I cant control them , I don’t believe I own them, you damn right I condone them.


Everything now! I said everything now!!!

Don’t ask me how I don’t know how,

Right lets, write, right now, until there’s nothing left.

I am fun Kyle, the artist, the laughing the joking joker.

My head goes, down, down, down, up then back down,

But tonight, we’re in luck, cause I’m up and I don’t give a fuck.


Lets do this, whatever this is,

I swear I’m okay, I swear I’ll be okay,

I’m going to make music, I’m not going to lose it,

I bet I can talk better, I bet I’ll be like this for ever.


Oh fuck, the night is ending, but I’m not ready to end yet.

When I’m up, I never want to sleep, when I’m down I never want to wake,

Why am I like this, no its coming, no I’m falling, fuck there’s no stalling, it wont wait, Fuck!

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