Get Out (Poem)


I’m not against having a good time, but fuck “sesh life”

Son of an alcoholic, graduate and non working class observer.

Abuse and neglect attached to substance misuse.

Theres having a good time, there’s having a problem

I’m no saint, I lack the resources to become what most remember dad for.

Lets be real, lets be honest, our blood is biased, our love is rose coloured.


We are failing to learn from tragedies,

We are drinking our futures into trauma

Deal with this or die a cut out, die a number.

Take some responsibility, have a look at the scars, your scalding.

Be boring, be a geek, be a loner, better than being a drunk.


Its so pathetic, but its what we know.

No jobs, no education, no hope.

Dare you be different, dare you need love dare you need help

Be mocked, be ignored, be bullied, find a way to forget


In that place nobody is anyone,

Low life is the only kind of life.

No-one really tries, no-one wants to learn.

Get out, Get out, Get out, Get out Get Out.


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