I Wanted To Write An Angry Song (Poem)

I wanted to write an angry song, but I wrote yet another sad song.

I want to show you, my venom, I feel poisoned, I feel unable.

I’m still buried by this, still crushed by all of it, it means nothing to you.

I want so bad, for you to comprehend, the void and the chasm, the empty shell.


I know I said I forgave you, like the way, you said I could trust you.

I cant forgive you, I’m to busy trying to forget you.

Sack the happy times, I should have never met you.

I’m so dead to you, I was almost dead because of you.

You show no signs of care, no signs of guilt.

Like I slashed my wrist, and the only thing, that bothered you.

Was how the blood would look on you. Quickly wash it away from you.


I’m past loving you, although I still do.

You are a virus, I’m patient zero.

You change feelings, like I write poems.

You are hidden, but I see you, I see all of you.


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