I’m Still Heartbroken (Poem)


I’m still heartbroken, I still want, what doesn’t want me.

I tell myself not to write about you, not how I love everything about you.

Like suppressing, is strong or something, like if I don’t mention you,

I’ll stop thinking about you and eventually I’ll forget about losing you.


I’m still heartbroken, despite my immediate problems

I think its changed me, like I’ve seen what life should be and what it cant be.

I can’t help but feel, if you stayed, none of this would of happened, it could have been perfect. By now we all know, you didn’t think I was worth it.


I’m still heartbroken, I guess I’ll just have to be ok.

I see your doing fine, not being mine, it certainly didn’t take you much time.

To fill the space, you said was mine, I tell myself not to write about you,

Cause they’re bored of you, they’re bored of me, they’re bored of us.

I’m not yet over us, I don’t know if I ever will be.

I don’t know if I will ever be capable of trust again.

I’m so terrified of falling in love with anyone ever again.  

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