Kind of Like God… but real!


Its mad cause, the other night, I wrote a typical poem,

While you were waiting, to be seen. It was all about my ex,

This was all before it was next level, one minute it was a severe migraine,

The next it was a bleed to the brain, Fuck! They wouldn’t tell us nothing,

Like this patient wasn’t my cousin, like I couldn’t be trusted or something.


Right now, I know shit, you know less.

But your still here, and you best believe I’m there with you.

We all are, I’m not saying, I’m not scared, I’m not saying its going to be easy.

I’m saying, as always, where ever you end up, I’m with you.

Even when you don’t want me, I’m there, kind of like god… but real!


I hate not being able to get through to you,

My silence is only cause, I don’t want to frustrate you.

I’m not ignoring you, although I’m probably boring you.

I’m writing this, still trying to grasp all of this.

We were just at a show last week,

But yesterday I was just pleased you could grasp my hand!


My helplessness helps nothing.

Listen though, from now on it all gets better,

From now on it all stops, and it all starts.

I mean living, I mean really wanting to,

We have to, we need to,

Both of us need to be around for the families.

We have gigs to go to and shit to achieve!

I love you more than you could ever believe.  

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