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Unstable is Available Everywhere Now

Unstable is my new EP and I’m really proud of it, it does what I love about music, hopefully it lets you in, the whole idea to make this project came from my last release I Love You. I have always wanted to get my words into my music in a way that suits my style and I think I nailed my style going forward in a vocal sense, I loved the feeling of being heard and really laying my emotions bare and I knew that I was in the same place emotionally to make an EP out of all the issues I was feeling. Its certainly not a pleasant listen, I’m inviting you in to a mind of a heart broken depressed person who quite frankly isn’t alive by choice a lot of the time. While I was writing all the music and lyrics, I was dealing with a lot of things really fast and I wasn’t ready for any of it. It really pushed me past broken point hence why its all very dark, its honest.

Track 1 “Intro” Unfortunately Chester Bennington died in july and the sample I use at the very beginning just really screamed to me, like his whole message. is that dark place chester is talking about. The intro track was Purposely produced in a minimal way, I’m usually really really concerned about my music sounding big, beefy and complex but this track is much more of a narrative so I knew that I could be much more subtle musically, have one bass line, one kick, one melody for the samples to sit on top of, the samples I used along with the links to the original videos from which I pulled them are below.

Chester Bennington –

Cayleigh Elise –

Hannah Dains

Reagan Myers

Boogie 2988 –



Track 2 “I Love You” I wrote recorded and produced this track in between April and may and its comprised of many different lines from various poems I had wrote coming out of a relationship that I wanted to have desperately. It was the experiment that worked, musically its still as dark as I’ve always been but with the vocals its more than just a piece of atmospheric track it feels real.


Track 3 “Broken But Alive” when I started this track, I was at my sisters house and I’d just been let go by my care company, so I was forced to take a break from life in a way but had to very rapidly find a new care provider in order to continue living independently and everything just felt broken but I was alive, like it or not I had to deal with this. I wrote the music planning to do another vocal track but it just wasn’t working, musically its just weird frantic and unwillingly upbeat.


Track 4 “So Gone” in my head this track is a sequel to track 2 (I Love You), only a different level of sadness. The track is about not wanting to be alive, its about the feeling of total despair, begging for a way out. Its deliberately chaotic in terms of vocal lines overlapping, I wanted to replicated the obsessive nature of my negative thought patterns and unforgiving relentlessness of depression in general. Musically this reminds me of Korn quite a lot not in terms of heaviness just in terms of weird unsettling melody and detuned creepiness, it just feels so bleak, so lost, so sad.

I hope you give or have given Unstable a listen, please let me know what you think be honest to, a negative reaction is still a reaction. Thanks for Your Time.

You can download and stream “Unstable” on all digital music distribution services Including. Apple Music. Tidal. Spotify. Deezer. Amazon Music and many more. Links Below!
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