Please Love Me (Poem)

Love me Please, Please for the love of coffee, love me

I beg you, not to tell me, to love myself, I don’t believe I can.

I’m sorry I’m so dead, so empty, staring into a lonely abyss.

Please try to, love me and my wreckage, me and my hurt.


Witness my torment, understand my Turmoil

I’m as broken as they come, not much of a man, I’m barely a human.

I’m a swift swipe left, a sudden step back, an awkward gaze.

I don’t do happy, I don’t do sad, I do crazy, I do straight suicide.

I have zero balance, I’m well aware of my punctuated heart ache.

I’m as hopeless as I am faithless, so guarded, so dangerous.


Love me, this is all of me. Feel empty with me.

Come see all the dark, come hide my scars.

Come distinguish, a love song, from a suicide note.

Lets plan a wedding, Love me, lets plan my funeral, love me.

2 thoughts on “Please Love Me (Poem)

    1. This comment really touches me, i hope i’m not alone in what I’m feeling, Thank You!!! you can find more of my poems on facebook, search “Munkyle The Poetry Machine”

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