Stay The Night (Poem)


After show come down, late night feelings thing,

Tell me, there is something, worth this inescapable ache.

I feel this every time, it aches worse, every time,

I feel my loneliness, I fear I’m only this, might as well own this.


Tell me, you see beyond the obvious, tell me I don’t have to be hopeless.

Say you will someday want me, don’t you dare ever feel sorry for me.

Tell me, that I don’t always have to feel so lonely,

Come to me, say I am worth the fight, tell me you will stay the night!


Tell me, its going to be okay, say I have a reason to live.

Make me remember the old me, I’m trying and I want you to see.

Untie this invisible rope, she tied for me, eclipse the hurt, reverse the trauma.

Hold my hand, heal these scars, erase my bitterness, fill my emptiness.


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