Vessel Of Nothingness (Poem)


Its like I’m at a party, its like I’m at a funeral.

Shows over and we done good, yeah we done good.

Then why do I feel so empty. Half way through the show,

I started to plan an exit, but I don’t want an accomplice.

I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just don’t want to be here!


The more I’m told I’m loved, the more fucked up I feel.

Like, don’t love me, you really shouldn’t, I’m only going to let you down.

I’m presented with opportunities, I melt down under my own expectations.

Why write a single word if you feel hollow, why bother, why try.

I had albums to write, I had a future, I feel like that all disappeared.

I don’t see a point, I’ve lost the only thing I ever wanted.


Stop looking for a sign of life, I’m dead behind these eyes.

Stop hoping for me, stop believing in me, just let me fucking die!

The next chance I get, I swear I’m gone, the next chance I get…

I’ve lost my love, I’m dead to her, her silence screams to me,

I reach out and feel consumed with my sad reality, we are dead.

I’m just a vessel of nothingness, I should be dead.

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