Why Do People Kill Themselves? (Poem Dedicated to Chester Bennington)

Why do people kill themselves?

Why when, they are loved, when they are wanted.

Why cant they stay, why don’t they fight.

Personally I want to die every day, this is not a gimmick.

I know people love me, I know I’m wanted, but I hurt.


You say, you will listen if I spoke, you tell me I’m not Alone.

But I am, you are not in my head, you don’t see me crying in my bed.

I simply don’t feel worth much, I take away more than I can give.

It doesn’t get better, I just cant be happy, I feel dead inside.

I took my life in may, well I didn’t, only because I couldn’t physically.


These are just poems right?

I’m just being me, and for that, I’m honestly sorry.

I fake my way through all of this, but the other day,

I asked my mam when she would let me die, I’m numb to this, I cant even cry!

You say talk, but how, but why? You say fight, I say let me die.

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